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WELCOME to Palau Shark Sanctuary

• Palau Shark Sanctuary was founded in 2001 in an effort to end the annihilation of Palau's sharks as a result of rampant shark-finning at the hands of foreign long-line fishing vessels licensed by Palau to fish in their waters. Palau Shark Sanctuary seeks a declaration by Palau establishing the waters of Palau's Exclusive Economic Zone as a sanctuary for all sharks.

•"Shark-finning" is the process of catching sharks, cutting off their fins and throwing the rest of the fish, still alive, back into the ocean to die. Sharks drown because they cannot swim without fins. The fins are prized throughout Asia for use in sharks fin soup and supposed medicines.

• Then Palau President Mr. Tommy E. Remengesau Jr., became a key supporter of the efforts of Palau Shark Sanctuary and in May 2003 he publicly set fire to shark fins found aboard a foreign vessel caught fishing illegally in Palau waters; in September 2003 he signed in to law some of the toughest anti-shark-finning legislation in the world.

In 2004, President Remengesau received an award from Sharkproject naming Palau as Shark Guardian of the Year.

• Through education and awareness programmes, lobbying and active public relations Palau Shark Sanctuary supports international efforts to end shark-finning.

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